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October 15, 2020
Lending a trusted friend or carer your debit or credit card?

Lending a trusted friend or carer your debit or credit card could be seen as fraud and any losses would not be covered by your bank.

If you, or your older family members need someone to do the shopping or pay bills for them it might seem like a quick and easy solution to lend them your credit or debit card and tell them the PIN, however, not all banks or credit card companies will permit you to do so. Even if the practice isn’t forbidden by the issuer, both the person lending and using the card risk trouble if the issuer or other authorities find out. It could even be viewed as fraud and if the worst happens and someone abused your trust, the bank may not cover the loss.

GuardianCard is safe, simple and secure

At GuardianCard, we offer a risk-free service which allows family members and Legal Guardians to help an elder, or vulnerable person manage their money. It allows the account holder to issue cards linked to the account to trusted family members or friends. Cash is loaded on to the card, a weekly or monthly amount set by the account holder and the card will not allow any overspend.

It totally minimises the risk of theft from that vulnerable person and gives full visibility of spending to those entrusted in caring for that individual.
Each cardholder has a dedicated online account login to check the balance and view the transaction history and the master account holder can top up the cardholder’s account with a regular amount on a weekly or monthly basis or with a top-up as and when needed.

The master account holder can view where and how much each cardholder is spending via guardiancard.co.uk or our simple-to-use mobile app. The master account holder can see these spending trends in real time and can immediately block or unblock a card.

Sign up now and start enjoying a safe, simple and secure solution to running day to day finances.

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