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Starting a veg patch
June 17, 2021
Starting a vegetable patch

There can be few things more satisfying than enjoying a plateful of homegrown vegetables raised by your own hand.

Vegetable patches have become increasingly popular over the last decade with more and more people wanting to be more self-sufficient.

There is simply no comparison to the taste of fresh strawberries or tomatoes that you picked the same day; it is a wonderful reward for all your hard work.

It can seem bewildering at first, but it’s actually surprisingly easy to set up your very own vegetable plot or patch and grow your own yummy veg.  Imagine the feeling of eating fresh fruit and veg that was picked just moments ago.

There are a number of reasons why starting a veg patch will not only be delicious but also good for you.  Here is just a few of them: – 

Great exercise – All that digging, watering, planting and moving will keep you on your toes, moving around and helping you to burn calories. Even beyond this, gardening provides excellent mental exercise with thought and strategy being key.

Healthy food – Eating freshly picked veg means that the vitamin content will be at its absolute highest. It also means you will be less likely to consume harmful chemicals.

Stress relief – Enjoying fresh air and getting your dose of Vitamin D will instantly lift spirits and relieve stress; not forgetting the reward you will get from enjoying the food that you have grown. 

Spend quality time with your kids/grandchildren – Gardening can really be a family affair, get the kids involved with growing and picking, it’s a great way for you all to spend some quality time together and to teach them where food comes from. 

It makes you happy Having your own garden and enjoying looking after it can keep you feeling more connected with the world around you and bringing you pure happiness. Gardening gives you a chance to move away from the rush of day to day life and embrace nature.

Save money – You can save lots of money by growing your own fruit and vegetables. Eat them, cook them, pickle or freeze them… grow organic food for a fraction of the supermarket price.

You may think that it is too late in the year to get started, but here are five vegetable seeds that you could get sowing in July. By getting started now you can rely on the sun to do most of the hard work, ensuring warm temperatures for quick harvests.

  • Runner Beans
  • Radishes
  • Carrots
  • Turnips
  • Lettuce

Don’t be daunted if you’ve only got a small plot to work with. There are plenty of space-saving veg crops to grow, so that even the smallest spaces can reward you with harvests.

Remember to take your time and plan carefully, and your hard work will be rewarded with yummy veggies!

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