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6 amazing plants that will help you relax
August 6, 2021
6 amazing plants that will help you relax

You don’t have to be a green-fingered gardener to like plants and to experience some of the great health benefits. 

Not only do they look lovely, but these plants — their flowers, leaves, smell, and extracts — can also relax your muscles, give you a positive mood, and promote a good night’s sleep. Hopefully we can inspire you to grow your own and feel the benefit.


Lavender not only looks beautiful and smells incredibly calming, but it has a vast array of health benefits. Most commonly used for sleeping, it has been shown to lower our heart rate and blood pressure, which is beneficial if you find yourself struggling with anxiety.


Rosemary has been used in traditional medicine for years. Research shows that simply inhaling the aroma of rosemary essential oil can lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol ensuring you are calm and relaxed. As a plant it massively improves air quality too. 


Jasmine plants are very pretty and give off a sweet scent that is often used in its essential oil form for relaxation. It is an excellent plant to have close by when you sleep, so they are ideal for your bedroom and are quite easy to keep in a pot.


These beautiful bright flowers can help to lessen symptoms of worry and stress — and when taken in tea they can also help to relax the body and increase your metabolism. It is also a great source of Vitamin C, boosting the immune system and treating general coughs and colds.


Chamomile is one of the most popular herbs on this list and it is well known for its anti-anxiety effects and as an aid for sleep. When taken as tea, chamomile also helps lessen inflammation. It is very easy to grow yourself in your garden at home. 


Peppermint isn’t only a delicious tea to enjoy but it is also great for your mood and your body. This easy to grow herb has multiple uses. The menthol, found in the plant, is often used in bath products to help soothe aching muscles. It can also lower frustration, boost your mood and aid digestion. On top of that, it smells great so could easily double up as a natural air freshener. 

Do you have any plants that help to calm your body and mind? Share them with us at hello@guardiancard.co.uk.

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