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GuardianCard offers peace of mind, and security, to our customers and those who care for them.

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Our story

A chance conversation between Aidan McAllister and Nick Thompson led to them creating GuardianCard, a safe, simple and secure solution to taking care of the finances of an older or vulnerable family member. Aidan, a dad of two, supported his parents when they became less able to manage their day to day finances. Nick was worried about his mum-in-law, in her 80s, becoming an easy target for rogue traders. Aidan said, ‘I know that supporting and caring for an older loved one can be stressful and very tiring and there is always the temptation to stick one’s head in the sand and avoid some big realities. Nick and I want to offer a solution to part of that caring role.’  Nick agrees, ‘My wife and myself just want to take the stress and worry away from my mum-in-law so that she can enjoy her life and get the most out of it.’

The result of Nick and Aidan’s hard work is GuardianCard, a safe, simple and secure way for mum, dad, auntie, grandma and grandad, or any older or vulnerable relatives or family friends, to stay in control of their own finances with just the right amount of support from those caring for them.


GuardianCard allows the holder to give a virtual, or physical card, to a carer, friend or relative to do shopping or pay bills, but has a limit controlled by them. GuardianCard also puts a stop to ‘temptation theft’ where someone you thought you could trust slips a little something for themselves into the shopping basket. This kind of low level theft, small amounts over a long period of time, often goes unnoticed and the culprit gets away with it and continues to do the same thing week after week.  A few pounds per shopping trip can soon add up to hundreds or even thousands of pounds lost. In short, GuardianCard is a safe, simple and secure solution to taking care of the day to day finances of an older or vulnerable relative or friend which gives everyone greater peace of mind.

Our values


GuardianCard provides the complete safety valve for your finances by sealing off your main accounts and only ever allowing your chosen family, trusted friends or carers to see whatever you have in your GuardianCard account.

Transparency and Integrity

We keep our customers and our people at the heart of everything we do; our focus is to deliver operational excellence and the highest level of transparency for our customers and their family.

It's all about you

Everything we do at GuardianCard is about you, our customer. We created GuardianCard to offer a safe, simple and secure solution to looking after your day to day finances, or those of an older or vulnerable family member. More than that though, we want to create a community for our customers where we can all share tips and advice on getting the very best out of life. GuardianCard was created with you in mind. Simple, safe and secure and all about you.

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Charity – we want to give back

At GuardianCard we want to give back to the community and we are committing 5% of our annual profits to our Golden Years Community project, dedicated to supporting our older friends. In addition, we’ll be giving every member of the GuardianCard team three days paid leave a year to volunteer with a charity. We want to help.

Media enquiries

Want to know more about GuardianCard? For PR and media enquiries feel free to contact our media team at marketing@guardiancard.co.uk.

Working with us

We have no vacancies at the moment but we do have plans, so there’s never any harm in saying hello. Email your CV to hello@guardiancard.co.uk to be considered for future roles.

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