How it works

Think of the GuardianCard account as a wallet or purse. You put the funds you need into the account on a weekly or monthly basis, by standing order, from your bank account and then use your GuardianCard as you would any other credit or debit card. The great thing is, you can’t overspend on your GuardianCard so you know exactly where you are with your money.

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How GuardianCard works

The GuardianCard account holder is issued with a card that is loaded with cash on a weekly or monthly basis. The card has all the functionality of a Debit card but has the added benefit of allowing the account holder to issue up to five cards, physical cards or virtual, to trusted family members or friends so that they can shop or pay bills on behalf of the account holder. You can set a spending limit on those cards and restrict the cards to certain types of retail outlet. GuardianCard gives you real time transaction reports so you always know exactly what is being spent, by who, and where.

If it’s mum or dad who need support managing day to day finances, real time transaction reports can be sent to you, or another trusted family member, so that any suspicious activity is spotted immediately and the account can be frozen. All main bank account details remain secure and with the set limit on the GuardianCard you are protected from cash thefts, opportunistic tradespeople or rogue traders. With GuardianCard, no-one can learn how much money is in your main bank account.

Sign up now and start enjoying a safe, simple and secure solution to running day to day finances.

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Download our app to manage your account and experience our fantastic features…

  • Issue physical and virtual cards
  • Online statements
  • Realtime notifications
  • Set your spending limits
  • Manage each card and account easily from the app
  • Choose where the card can be used (in-store, online or at the ATM)
  • Block and unblock cards with the touch of a button

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It’s quick and simple to set up

  1. Open an account online in minutes – Download the app or click ‘sign up’
  2. Verify your identity – We will need to take a picture of a valid ID and of your face
  3. Receive your card – Your card will be with you in seven days
  4. Set up up a standing order to load your new card with funds – You are ready to start using your card

You can also create login details for each sub-account so they can all access their personal version of our app.

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